CHRISTINA SIEBER is a young fashion designer from Berlin who specialises in combining elegance and sportiness in a fresh and modern way.


Her philosophy, which underlies this exclusive women's fashion collection with high quality accessories, links casual street style with exclusive prêt-à-porter fashion and a sensitivity to trends.


The current collection is shaped less by theoretical vision and architectural or technical influences than by everyday wearability, and the progression into contemporary, fashionable wardrobes.


Her primary goal is to seek out the unusual - the special - and create favourite pieces that boast not just the very best quality materials and exceptional cuts, but incorporate a third dimension – the soul.


The collection combines opposites and contrasts to achieve the perfect balance in every design piece. At the same time it also symbolises the buyer's wish to accept the opposites that she herself embodies, such as toughness and tenderness, femininity and masculinity.


Christina Sieber places immense value on the uncompromising quality of the finest leather, silk and cotton combined with outstanding workmanship. The wearer of these outfits feels cocooned in luxury, at the same time as experiencing a unique sense of well-being.


However, for all its perfection, what this fashion range is all about is keeping fun in the spotlight, expressing oneself through one's clothes and underlining one's own personality.